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Classic Black Pepper Biltong - Bulk

Stock up on our award winning biltong. Simply tell us how much you want and if you want us to slice it or not.
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Struggling to satisfy the craving for biltong? Always blindly opening cupboards hoping to find some forgotten stash? Our bulk orders aim to help the lost biltong connoisseur find his or her way again in the world.

Simply tell us how much biltong you want and if you want us to slice it or not. All our bulk biltong is made to order. This ensures that you get the freshest possible biltong. Because of this you might have to wait just a bit for your order (it is worth it, believe us).

We will update you with an expected delivery date as soon as we receive your order. As a guide the maximum waiting time is normally 10 -14 days.

Please note all our bulk orders have the same moisture level as our pre-packaged pouches (medium dry).